A landscape architect is responsible for making people live in a better environment and BnG aims at creating such an external environment.
BnG is a landscaping company which specializes in timber has
produced landscape facilities with timber since its establishment in 1996. BnG has made a new leap forward by creating a brand of complex playing facilities, TORY, in 2004 and a brand of rest facilities, LAREX, in 2007 through the constant development of technical skills and designs.

BnG has developed AL-WOOD(aluminum+wood) and S-WOOD(metal+wood) as pillar materials of playing facilities, and it has also developed AL-WOOD and H-WOOD(aluminum+wood), AL-STONE, and H-STONE(aluminum+stone) as pillar materials of rest facilities in order to supplement the drawbacks of timer such as distortion, cracking, fracture, etc. With these materials, we can maintain the intrinsic beauty of the original wood products while supplementing the drawbacks of timer; therefore, we become able to produce high quality products which are superior in beauty, durability, solidity, etc.

Moreover, we have improved problems caused by the site work through modularization of the products, and we become able to produce playing facilities in various designs. With continuous R&D and advanced technical skills, BnG will try to develop a variety of outstanding products known as brand-name products having high quality, reasonable prices and advanced designs.